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I bought a quad rotor rc helicopter on this website days ago and I dare to say that it is the best quad rotor rc helicopter I ever had. And I am so glad to introduce this website to you all.

The quad rotor rc helicopter on our page are all well designed. Being reasonable in price, good in quality and attractive in appearance, they can match your needs for both beauties and practicality.

Let’s take a look at the most highly user recommended quad rotor rc helicopter.

Best Quality Quad Rotor Rc Helicopter

Heli-Max 1SQ RTF Quadcopter with 2.4Ghz Radio

Heli-Max 1SQ SLT 2.4GHz Quadcopter RTF. #HMXE0834 Notes:

Consumer Guide
  • “Very durable for its size.” – Adam Ochsner
  • “I crashed many times into the walls and even into the ceiling fan and cracked the body some but was surprised this was all the damage I did.” – jchafin
  • “I sent it back and reordered.” – J. B.

QR series Ladybird - WLToys V939 4CH 2.4GHz Micro Quad 4-Axis Mini UFO Style RC Helicopter Yellow - Multirotor Quadcopter - RTF Ready to Fly with Transmitter Tx Included, color may vary.

This Wltoys V939 rc helicopter is ready to fly out of the box. It has high stability during hover and flight. And it also has led light which can fly in the darkness.

Buying Guides
  • “This helicopter is great and very durable!!” – Brendan Heatherington
  • “Returning for refund, which is my only option apparently.” – Bryan
  • “I think this thing flies great, and it will go really really fast if you want it to or you let it get away from you.” – Mao

Estes 4606 Proto X Nano R/C Quadcopter

Estes brand Electric Powered, 2.4GHz Radio Controlled, Ready to Fly Proto X Nano Quadcopter from Estes. For Ages 14 and Above.

Expert Advice
  • “This is very stable and relatively easy to fly.” – Torrence K. Shores
  • “This little marvel actually flies better than many of my larger quads!” – R. Hipp
  • “They are way fun and sound cool.” – Indetrucks

HeliMax 1SQ Tx-R SLT RC Quadcopter

This is the Electric Powered, 2.4GHz Radio Controlled, Tx-R (Transmitter Ready) Fly 1SQ Quadcopter from Heli-Max. For Beginning Helicopter Flyers.

Walkera QR Ladybird Mini Quadcopter RTF V.1 w/ Devo 2402D

The Walkera QR Ladybird Mini Quad-copter only palm size looks lovely and smart. It is the most popular micro quad-copter. Adopting the advanced 6 Axis gyro control system makes the lady bird flies super stable and very easy to fly.

NEW! USA SHIP Ultra Stable Nano Quadrotor with Advanced Gyros and Accelerometer and Controlable LEDs
WLToys – Superior Value!

Complete redesign of quadrotor electronics enables greater control and stability than other v939 or qr ladybird platforms.

2.4G Transmittion provide stable control distance
4 Channel Remote Control
with 6-axis Gyro system
Flying forward, backward, flying right / left side
3D flying
Flying UP / Down / Turn Left / Right
Function: Up/Down,Left/Right,Forward /Backward,Leftward flight/Rightward flight,Veer,Hovering ,with light
Charge time : Approximated 50Mins
Use time : Approximated 10 Mins
Control distance : Approximated 100-150 M
Battery:lipo battery 3.

Traxxas 6608 LaTrax Alias Quad-Rotor Ready-To-Fly Helicopter, Assorted Colors

Alias is equipped with unique, proprietary flight control software that delivers full six axis control. The flight system acts like a virtual spring that always snaps the Alias back to level flight when the controls are released.

Buying Guides
  • “It’s fast, powerful, and very stable.” – J. Tiffee
  • “I find this quad much more entertaining and durable.” – Doolin64
  • “If it had momentum and was moving it will keep drifting in that direction (but it will now be level) until you apply a control input to stop the drift.” – Jerry

Ladybird Quad-Rotor V939 Electric RC Helicopter 2.4GHz GYRO 4CH RTF (Colors May Vary)

Package Includes:

Ladybird Quad-Rotor V939 RC Helicopter

Two High Power 3.

Ladybird Quad-Rotor V939 Electric RC Helicopter 2.4GHz GYRO 4CH RTF (Colors May Vary)

Package Includes:

Ladybird Quad-Rotor V939 RC Helicopter

Two High Power 3.

Lil' Draganflyer Plus Mini Quadrotor RTF 2.4 GHz RC Electric Helicopter with Accessory Support
Draganfly Innovations

The Lil’ Draganflyer Plus is the evolution of the original Lil’ Draganflyer. Now featuring remotely controlled lights and five optional remotely controlled accessories! These accessories can be interchanged and include a Camera, Missile Launcher, Water Cannon, Hook & Basket, and Bubble Blower.

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